What attendees say about the SoCraTes Austria

Picture of Diana Flores
"SoCraTes was truly great for sharing issues, give and get help! I 'wrote' my first ML algorithm, discussed about ethics, I pushed my boundaries by participating in an improvisation acting workshop, found out about the first computer in Austria and co-hosted a DevOps discussion."
Diana Flores
Picture of Thomas Einwaller
"For me SoCraTes was the best place to share and gain knowledge at the same time. It has never been so easy to find like-minded people with knowledge that were willing to share it and discuss topics that mattered to me and them."
Thomas Einwaller
Picture of Jürgen Höller
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SoCraTes Days Linz, with interesting discussions about e.g. release management and business models unfolding during the day. I usually attend and present at Java technology conferences, so the quite different SoCraTes experience was very welcome. Highly recommended!"
Jürgen Höller
Spring Framework Lead