Open Space

We will organize the second day of the SoCraTes Days Linz as an “Open Space”. This is an “unconference” format designed to maximize learning and sharing among participants. Be prepared to be surprised!

“Open Space Technology” is a meeting format where every participant takes part in defining the agenda and schedule. Everyone can propose a talk or workshop or start a discussion group. Or you can ask to learn more about a topic and maybe you’ll find someone who will host a session about it together with you. Then we’ll all work together to find a time slot and a room for you, and you are ready to go.

So: You decide, together with your peers, what you can learn on this day. Make the most of it!

Basic Structure

In the morning, we will come together and plan the day. Everyone can propose sessions: Think of something you want to teach or learn, write it on a big sticky note, present it briefly to the audience, and find a free time-slot. That’s it, now you’ll host a session at the conference!

Here are some examples of sessions you could propose to the audience:

We have five rooms for parallel tracks, so you’ll probably find a free space and time slot for your session. If you want to hold a short workshop, you can also take two time slots.

Session Types

We expect to have a variety of different session types:


Pierluigi Pugliese will facilitate the open space for us. In the morning at 08:30, we will kick off with a marketplace where you can propose your sessions and where we decide on the schedule together.

We will have a self-service lunch from around 12:00 to around 13:30, but we will also have some parallel sessions. So you decide when you have lunch or if you want to participate in sessions during lunch time.

At around 17:00, we will head downstairs to the restaurant niu, where we will have our closing dinner.

Time Activity
08:00 Get together, morning coffee
08:30 Kick-off and introduction
08:45 Planning the Open Space
09:30 Open Space
12:00 Lunch and parallel lunch-time sessions (*)
16:00 Closing the space (a short reflection on the day)
17:00 Dinner at restaurant niu (open end)