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SoCraTes Days Linz 2017 is a two-day conference. On the first day there will be four workshops and the second day is an open space conference about software craftsmanship and testing. It is entirely created by the participants with a facilitator who will guide through both days.


We want to bring software developers, testers, architects, designers and other people involved with software development together. We want to learn from each other and share our knowledge.


This conference is about finding better ways to develop software: We will talk and learn about coding, code quality, quality of work, testing, sustainable development, mastery and other topics.


SoCraTes Days Linz is a conference that is entirely created by its participants. We want hands-on coding sessions, sessions focused on discussion, interactive talks, and more.


There will be lots of opportunities to meet, connect, learn, teach, share, and have fun together. We also highly encourage "fun sessions".

The main language of the event (facilitation, group activities) will be English. Sessions can be in German if everybody in the audience of the session understands German or if you announce the session as “German session”.

Open Space

We will organize the second day of the SoCraTes Days Linz as an “Open Space”. This is an “unconference” format designed to maximize learning and sharing among participants. Be prepared to be surprised!

“Open Space Technology” is a meeting format where every participant takes part in defining the agenda and schedule. Everyone can propose a talk or workshop or start a discussion group. Or you can ask to learn more about a topic and maybe you’ll find someone who will host a session about it together with you. Then we’ll all work together to find a time slot and a room for you, and you are ready to go.

So: You decide, together with your peers, what you can learn on this day. Make the most of it!

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We will organize four workshops on Friday starting from 2pm until 6pm.

Every attendee can submit a workshop. We will later have a voting and the four most popular workshops will take place. If your workshop gets accepted, you will have to buy a ticket.

To submit a workshop, please send us your proposal (title, abstract, lecturers) to

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SoCraTes Days Linz 2017 will be at the Wissensturm Linz. It is right across the street from Linz main railway station (“Linz Hauptbahnhof”) and can be easily reached by bus, tram and train.

We will have the whole 15th and 10th floor of the building for the conference. You can find more information and a floor plan here: Seminarräume im Wissensturm (German homepage).

The restaurant niu is at the ground floor of the Wissensturm. They will provide the lunch-time catering and we will have the evening sessions at the restaurant.

Getting There

You can arrive at the SoCraTes Day Linz by train, bus, car or plane.


You can travel to LNZ (Linz Airport) and take the bus to "Hauptbahnhof", or you can travel to LZS (Linz Railway Station) via air rail from VIE (Vienna airport).


There are highspeed trains to "Linz Hauptbahnhof" (Linz Railway Station) from Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Nürnberg, and more. The conference venue is opposite the railway station.


There is a Westbus bus from Graz (AT) and Praha (CZ). The bus stops right next to the venue.


If you arrive by car, you can park in the parking garage "Hauptbahnhof-Wissensturm". The address is "Wissensturm - Kärntnerstraße 26 - 4020 Linz"

Hotel Ibis Linz City is right next to the Wissensturm, our venue. Other hotels in the city are within walking distance or can be easily reached by tram or bus.

Food and Drinks


There will be free coffee, drinks and water during the "day sessions" on the 15th floor. You will get a drinks voucher for some free drinks you can consume during dinner and the evening sessions. You will have to pay for any drinks you consume after you have spent all your vouchers.


We will have a self-service lunch catered by restaurant "niu". There will be vegan and non-vegan food. If there is anything you cannot eat for any reason, please tell us:


In the evening, we will have dinner at the restaurant niu. Dinner and some drinks will be included in the ticket price. You will receive vouchers which you can spend at the restaurant. After you spent all your vouchers, you'll have to pay for any further food and drinks.

Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to create a conference where everybody can learn, teach, share, network and have a good time. And we need your help to achieve that. We expect you to behave according to our Code of Conduct - both at the conference and in all discussions around the conference (online and offline).

Please read our full code of conduct before buying a ticket, discussing online and before coming to the conference. But please don’t feel intimidated by it - these are simple rules, and they will make life better for everyone at the conference.

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